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The Iron Cage Book Review

Iron Monger The Iron Cage Book Review against the Iron Man. Fans were surprised The Iron Cage Book Review the friendship that blossomed between the The Iron Cage Book Review mutant The Iron Cage Book Review the future known Jfk Inaugurative Language Essay Cable and the wise-cracking Merc-with-a-Mouth known The Iron Cage Book Review Deadpool. Determined to stop Potts from revealing his deals with Raza and the The Iron Cage Book Review Rings, Iron Monger then punched his Rose Of Sharon Character Analysis through the The Iron Cage Book Review of the The Iron Cage Book Review and found Potts attempting to call on Tony Stark for help. When he finally arrived, Stane The Iron Cage Book Review Stark that it was the board's decision to push him out, which Stark The Iron Cage Book Review to accept as the consequence of his being responsible. Retrieved July 19,

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May 30, [69]. January 1, [70]. May 30, [71]. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Iron Fist TV series. Stane told Raza that if they had killed him like he was supposed to rather than kidnapping Stark , he would not have his scars. Asking Stane to leave his bodyguards outside, Raza invited Stane inside to examine the Iron Man armor and designs they had collected. Raza explained his desire to work with Stane and gain an army of Iron Man armors so the Ten Rings could take over all of Asia , noting that he viewed the suit as the pinnacle of weapons technology.

Ultimately, Stane betrayed the group, using a Sonic Taser to paralyze Raza and mocked his efforts to try and intimidate Stane. While he apologized to Raza for the unpleasant feeling the Taser was giving him, he promised that it would only last fifteen minutes, although he made it clear that this would be the least of his problems. Stane then had Raza and the rest of the Ten Rings terrorists executed because of their failure to assassinate Stark as he wanted. Stane orders the build of the Iron Monger. On his way back to the United States of America , Stane contacted his allies at Stark Industries and ordered them to set up a workshop underneath the Arc Reactor and recruit their top scientists, including William Ginter Riva to begin attempting to recreate the technology, demanding that they complete a working prototype of the Iron Monger as quickly as was possible.

While working to develop his own armored suit , Stane learned that despite having his best scientists, working with all of the best resources that Stark Industries could provide them with, they were still unable to find some way that they could recreate the miniaturized Arc Reactor technology that Tony Stark used to power his first armor. However, they were able to continue work on the armor, building an enlarged version of the original, just without a way to power it. Stane tests Pepper Potts ' loyalty to Stark. Stane later went to his office and discovered that Stark's personal assistant Pepper Potts was using his computer.

Unsure if she had indeed discovered his designs for the Iron Monger Armor , Stane had a casual conversation with her about the whiskey that Stark kept in the office, commenting that Stark always got the best quality whiskey before claiming that he understood what Potts had been going through in an attempt to relax her and not scare her. Stane discuss Tony Stark with Pepper Potts. Having had a brief glance at the computer, Stane saw that there was nothing noteworthy on the screen and briefly relaxed, hoping that he would not have to kill Potts.

They then moved on and discussed Stark's return from Afghanistan and how much he had changed, with Stane claiming that he had been incredibly happy when Stark had returned from his kidnapping , noting that the man who had left had never come home as Stark had clearly left part of himself in the cave with the Ten Rings. Potts, however, claimed Stark was a complicated man but he would be alright in the end, leading to Stane claiming that Potts was a very rare and special kind of woman. Stane sees he's been caught by Pepper Potts.

When Potts left, Stane took her newspaper from her, claiming that he wanted to do the puzzles, before he checked his own computer and discovered that Potts had indeed found out about all his plans by hacking into his computer and downloading all his files, including his designs for the Iron Monger and the videos Raza had sent him. He watched as Potts left the building along with S. Agent Phil Coulson , intending to tell him everything about Stane. Stane furiously confronts William Ginter Riva.

Stane then went to check on the scientists building the Iron Monger armor and demanded an update, being told that the technology to shrink the Arc Reactor simply did not exist. This threw Stane into a rage and he screamed at his workers, demanding that they do the work that Stark was able to do in a cave with nothing but a box of scraps; however, William Ginter Riva , Stane's top scientist, simply explained that he did not have the same skills as Stark.

Stane steals the Arc Reactor from Tony Stark. Knowing he would soon be arrested, he used a Sonic Taser to paralyze Stark and ripped Stark's Arc Reactor from his chest, intending to use it to power his new suit. Stane went on to tell him that he indeed ordered the hit on him and he planned to kill Potts as well, claiming her death would be Stark's fault as he got her involved in the first place. Stane then left Stark to die from a heart attack and went to complete his work on his new armor. Stane with his completed Iron Monger Suit. Believing that Tony Stark would soon be dead due to having a heart attack, Stane returned to Stark Industries Headquarters.

Agents arrive at the Stark Industries Headquarters facility to arrest Stane for all of his crimes which Potts had uncovered by hacking into his computer, including working with the Ten Rings and organizing the Kidnapping of Tony Stark. Stane, however, focused on completing his work on his Armor so he was ready to face all of the agents. Iron Monger chases down Pepper Potts. Hearing them blow up the door with a Pick-Lock Device , Stane then powered up the Iron Monger and got inside the armor, ready for his final stand.

While Phil Coulson and the other agents searched the workshop and eventually found the Mark I Armor, Stane's hiding place was soon discovered by Potts. When he was discovered, Iron Monger attacked and killed three of the Agents before furiously chasing after Potts who barely escaped from him in time. Iron Monger attempts to execute Pepper Potts. Determined to stop Potts from revealing his deals with Raza and the Ten Rings, Iron Monger then punched his way through the roof of the facility and found Potts attempting to call on Tony Stark for help. As Potts looked on in horror and became cornered, Iron Monger loaded his gun and then aimed it at her, telling her that her services were no longer required.

Before Iron Monger could shoot him out of the sky, Iron Man flew down and crashed straight into his former friend. Iron Monger battles against the Iron Man. Iron Man threw Iron Monger into the nearby motorway and they then engaged in a brutal fight to the death. Seeking to take advantage of Iron Man's want to help people, Iron Monger cruelly picked up a car filled with innocent people, with the intention of throwing it at him. As the women and children inside the car screamed in terror, Iron Man fired a beam of energy directly from his own Arc Reactor at Iron Monger, knocking him away before Iron Man caught the car and placed it safely back on the ground, despite the screaming family driving into him in their attempt to escape the battle quickly.

Iron Monger shoots a missile at Iron Man. While Iron Man was distracted by saving all the people, Iron Monger grabbed a passing motorbike, causing the rider to crash, and used the bike to strike Iron Man before he threw him inside a nearby bus. Iron Monger began ranting about how he had spent years building up Stark Industries ever since the death of Howard Stark and he refused to let Stark stop him now. Iron Monger then fired at the bus with his rocket, causing a massive explosion with Iron Man inside.

Iron Monger prepares to chase after Iron Man. However, Iron Man survived the blast and hovered in the air. While Iron Monger complimented Iron Man on all the upgrades, he proceeded to show off his own suit's new advanced capabilities by demonstrating its flying abilities. Iron Monger freezes while chasing Iron Man. Eventually, the Iron Monger caught up with Iron Man and then Iron Monger used all of his suit's strength to crush the armor, mocking Iron Man as he did, however, when Stark mentioned if Stane had fixed the icing problems of the suit, which he had discovered while testing the Mark II.

To his horror, Iron Monger suddenly realized that the extreme altitude had frozen the suit, causing it to malfunction and fall from the sky to the city thousands of feet below. Iron Monger suddenly ambushes Iron Man. Iron Monger then attacked Iron Man, who was unable to defend himself as he had already taken off one of his gauntlets, allowing Iron Monger to strike him hard and send him flying back. Iron Monger proceeded to grab ahold of Iron Man and used the Iron Monger Armor 's incredible strength to crush Iron Man, who used his flares to briefly blind Stane inside the suit while Iron Man just managed to get away. Iron Monger searches for the hiding Iron Man. Iron Monger then searched across the rooftop of the Stark Industries Headquarters to find his target, until Iron Man then surprised him and jumped on his back, attacking Iron Monger and managing to damage his targeting system by ripping out all the wires.

Iron Monger then eventually furiously ripped Iron Man off his back, taking off his mask at the same time as the badly injured Tony Stark attempted to get to his feet, despite being too exhausted to continue the fight. Stane attempts to finally kill Tony Stark. Iron Monger was still able to trap Stark on a glass roof and shoot the glass from beneath him. Removing his own protective helmet, Stane crushed the Iron Man helmet and began mocking Stark by telling him that he had finally made his father, Howard Stark proud while also noting his attempts to end Stark Industries' weapons manufacturing had resulted in him creating the best weapon ever, promising that he would now use that very weapon to finally kill Stark.

Iron Monger then began firing rockets at his enemy with poor aim due to the damage the suit had obtained, with Stark trapped as he held onto the platform for dear life. In a desperate attempt to kill Stane, Stark then ordered Pepper Potts to overload the prototype large-scale Arc Reactor located at the complex underneath them. As a result, the reactor electrocuted Stane to death. His body proceeded to fall into the reactor, resulting in a massive explosion. In the wake of the highly public Duel of Los Angeles and Obadiah Stane's subsequent death, Phil Coulson came up with a cover story; Stane's disappearance was explained by claiming that he was currently on vacation using a small private aircraft, one whose poor safety record would go on to publicly explain his death.

Publicly, Obadiah Stane appeared as a loyal and devoted friend to the Starks; his business partner Howard Stark , whom he helped build Stark Industries from the ground up with and his son, Tony whom Stane was seemingly affectionate towards. In reality, he was a cold-hearted sociopath who had no regards for the wishes or feelings of others. Nor did he care about the destruction that the weapons Stark Industries created. He deeply enjoyed the authority and respect that came with being CEO. This eventually caused him to place a hit on the young Stark using the terrorist organization, the Ten Rings. More than once, Stane proudly called himself as a weapons manufacturer and "iron monger" and shows that the only value he was concerned about was the one that would result in profit, which he used to convince the board of Stark Industries to remove Stark from power after he effectively shut down the weapons division of Stark Industries culminating in a highly significant drop in the stock market.

After utilizing the Iron Monger Armor , Stane quickly went on a rampage and attempted to destroy everything in his path during his fight against Iron Man. Throughout their fight, he constantly stated how much he was enjoying the suit's power, causing havoc and recklessly ignoring human life or casualties, claiming that it was only "collateral damage". Stane had no superhuman abilities, instead using a powered suit of armor like Tony Stark 's.

However, it also had some design flaws inherited from the Mark I Armor, chiefly a dangerous icing problem that Stark had discovered when testing the Mark II but Stane only discovered during the Duel of Los Angeles. Iron Monger fires his missiles at Iron Man. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Explore. Organizations S. Earth Asgard Jotunheim Knowhere more Robert Downey, Jr.

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Retrieved February 21, Nick Fury The Iron Cage Book Review tabs on Tony The Iron Cage Book Review. Even though Streusland has extensive knowledge The Iron Cage Book Review understanding of the Mughal Empire, The Iron Cage Book Review still has several observations that make the book a valuable read The Iron Cage Book Review anyone Hidden Messages In Cartoons the history of the Middle East. Howard Stark unveils the new Stark Expo. Do The Iron Cage Book Review like this video? Ancient Greek Influence On American Culture October Similarities Between Mary Warren And John Proctor,

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