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British Airways Competition

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British Airways: From one 99-year-old to another…

A well-formulated strategy entails certain elements that steer a company to win. BA is resource intensive. Quinn asserted that a good strategy must be extensively formulated and opponents do a lot of strategizing. In addition, if the management of BA formulates strategies relevant and realistic to the global down turn of many economies and reduced household incomes. It would enable the company utilize its resources efficiently without incurring wastes, according to Baker Quinn identifies five levels of strategies, including policy goals, which require that a statement of what the management wishes to achieve both in the short term and long term be laid out.

In this case, besides profitability, the airliner has to competitively stay in the market despite the turbulent global economic times. In addition, the company should formulate policies regarding reduced extravagance on the available resources generated from profits, and adds that a link of strategy and performance was vital Prescott, BA is a company that has been in business for many years, to determine whether the new strategies formulated can be measured against profitability of previous years and identify whether they have eliminated wastes or not as explained in the Strategic Management of British Airways Company Non-executive directors of the company should also contribute constructively challenge the current strategies and constructively contribute to the development of new and well-formulated strategies.

Quinn concludes that by implementing well-formulated strategies at the five levels in the company, challenges of economic down turn could be combated to allow the airline stay in the market. These levels of strategy include, policy goals, overall goals of the business concern in line with the global economic down turn where each strategy should work towards achieving the laid down objectives, and that the goals of the BA company be well spelt both at management and employee levels.

According to Dibb, Simkin, Pride and Ferrell , goals and objectives of the company should be specific, well formulated, achievable, within a properly laid down period, while keeping the interests of the company at heart according to Marketing plan strategy and objectives, In addition, the objectives set should be measurable to eliminate waste and induce profitability at this difficulty economic times. It was also noted that the goals set by the company be measurable and attract all employee participation to elicit quick response from the management down to employee levels, then to the community.

This done, the management should look at those policies that cannot be compromised and those that cannot be compromised. The paper, Marketing plan strategy and objectives asserts that managers should be keen about when to implement those policies, strategies put in place to test the strategies if they have worked, where they need adjustments as noted by Prescott, BA management should decide on the cost of implementing cost-cutting policies and determine to what extent they have to be implemented and the level, to which they have to be implemented.

Some policy decisions are place a business at an awkward position, particularly the decision to cut on salaries or lay off employees. The management, faced with that cost cutting strategy, at times is in a dilemma. The impact of those decisions have implications of poor decisions on the brand name of the company which translates to reduced profitability, a bad image, consequently leading to a reduced market share and profitability which in the end translates to reduced profits. One decision sparks a chain of events in a business organization. It is vital for management to make long-term projections of their strategies, and integrate logistical support for their implementations.

Despite the economic down turn, there is growth potential for the company. According to Edward and Heller , to steer the company and vigorously make it a leader in the market, a strategic plan could enable it develop a large overall ambition for the company. According to Investor relations , Management at the same time should come up with operational plans that answer the question on how the company should win while operating is an economic environment that is pushing profits down, so uncertain, and facing other competitors in the market. According to the article, Corporate planning case , the report affirms that the company should endeavor to determine how it will be organized resourcefully to stay afloat, how to respond to challenges such as reduced passenger bookings by initiating intensive marketing campaigns to attract more customers, how to face competitors in the business.

According to article on Strategic Management , the company should develop and conduct an internal and external analysis of the company. In addition, the Value Based Management asserts that despite the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by a company, it should positively and effectively and analyze its internal and external SWOT. The management of BA should embrace the five stages as asserted by the Value Based Management , including setting long-term performance targets for the company, form the right product matrix, which includes, the suppliers of fuel, and a right marketing mix.

By investing on the activities correctly, the company may realize an upper hand against its competitors in the market as is determined in Marketing Plan Now It determines that management has to invest in those activities that steer and crest a good reputation for the company. In addition, the company needs outsource other activities that are not core to the business of carrying passengers in the global scenario. Challenges of employee treat met also play a role in negating on the BA business activities. Management should reduce employee discrimination and grant them equal opportunities. Reducing employee discrimination could reduce largely to which employee find them demoralized, but rather motivate them.

Despite British airways BA being a key player in the air travel industry, it has had to undergo a series of problem that eventually escalated to mass industrial action by its employees. BA has faced internal and external challenges over time. Some of the problems are self-inflicted while others stem from the environment. One of the self-inflicted problems included the decision to scale down employee salaries. This reduced to low employee morale and attracted mass industrial actions with disastrous consequences.

It had adverse effects on customer retention. The company lost many customers who opted for alternative and cheaper means of transportation. The company is capital intensive. Its operations are expensive in the current economic turbulent times. Fuel for the fleet of its aircrafts comes from an unstable Middle East region. In addition, profit realization depends on the ever-changing prices of fuel in the oil market. In the recent past, fuel prices have soared, causing increased transport costs. It opens the way for passengers who believe they have been ripped off by BA to launch civil claims against the airline.

As the amounts involved for individual passengers are relatively small, however, it is likely that any action would be led by a consumer group. Earlier this year the consumer group Which? The retailer was one of seven companies fined by the OFT in for fixing the price of England and Manchester United football shirts sold between and A spokeswoman for Which? Virgin, which blew the whistle on BA, escapes any fine after being granted immunity under the OFT's leniency policy.

BA chief executive Willie Walsh said today that while fuel surcharges are "a legitimate way" of recovering costs, "this does not in any way excuse the anti-competitive conduct by a very limited number of individuals within British Airways". He said he was satisfied that the group has the right controls in place, and that it was "deeply regrettable that some individuals ignored our policy". The OFT said that on at least six occasions Virgin and BA discussed or informed each other about proposed changes to the surcharges, rather than setting levels independently as required by competition law. For some years now, the British airline has felt the squeeze from disruptive rival Norwegian Air.

Their rock bottom transatlantic fares saw them overtake British Airways for transatlantic passenger numbers in October last year, shifting 1. Overall, the future is shaping up to be tough for the airline, putting a small dampener on their centenary celebrations. But British Airways have a lot going for them. With their cabins being refreshed , lounges improved and new aircraft on the way , BA still have a lot to offer the discerning traveler. Managing Editor - Joanna has worked in publishing for more than a decade and is fast becoming a go-to source for commercial aviation analysis.

Joanna Bailey Managing Editor - Joanna has worked in publishing for more than a decade and is fast becoming a go-to source for commercial aviation analysis.

Quinn concludes that by british airways competition well-formulated strategies at the five levels british airways competition the company, challenges british airways competition economic down turn could be combated british airways competition allow the airline stay in the market. Great Competition, thank you. British airways competition, M. The new service Analysis Of Smithson Plc London british airways competition Edinburgh is set to start next month. It is vital for management british airways competition make long-term projections of their strategies, british airways competition integrate logistical support for british airways competition implementations. BA british airways competition remember that charity starts at 1984 Winston A Tragic Hero Analysis.

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