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Short Summary: Eczema Free Forever Review

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Eczema, Animation.

Keeping a sleep diary helps. I use the iPhone health app and bedtime alarm. Set your wake and bedtime so you have your eight hours of sleep. Then track your average sleeping time in the health app. If you can take a nap before doing your workouts, do it. And relax. Psychological stress adds on top of the physical stress you get from lifting weights. Take several deep breaths before you do your set to calm yourself down. Assistance exercises target small muscles which grow more slowly like your arms, abs and calves. Your arm muscles work to pull the weight on rows and push it on presses. They hold the bar on every exercise. Meanwhile your abs support your spine. And your calves stabilize you. These lifts work a lot of muscles with heavy weights.

They therefore trigger overall muscle growth. They try to make up for a lack of intensity with quantity. Thing is, the only way you can do assistance exercises after the main ones is if you lift light. Besides, the more assistance exercises you do, the longer your workout takes. This makes it tempting to take shorter rest times between sets. But that makes it harder to lift heavy as already discussed. It ends up hurting your progress on the main exercises that trigger most growth. Focus on increasing your strength on the main exercises. Consider this…. Your arm muscles also contract isometrically during Squats and Deadlifts. This is similar to how your lower back muscles contract during these lifts to keep your spine neutral. This makes them stronger and more muscular.

His muscles had to become stronger and bigger to lift the heavier weights. And since his arms hold and press the bar, they had to get stronger and bigger too. You can also find guys with man boobs and girls who are flat-chested. But most women have bigger boobs than men. And most strong people have bigger muscles than weak people. Even if direct arm work was better, curling lb works your biceps muscles harder than 50lb. That allows you to work your biceps harder than before. The best assistance exercise for your biceps is the Chinup. It works them more than Rows because you grip the bar with your palms facing up.

Your elbows start straight and bend like on biceps curls. But you also bend at the shoulder to pull your arm down — this engages your back. Chinups work more muscles than curls. Every rep forces you to lift your own body-weight. Chinups trigger more arm growth because they uses more muscle with more weight. Dips are the best assistance exercise for your triceps. Your arms straighten to lift the weight, like on skullcrushers. But you can engage your chest muscles. More muscles working is more weight you can lift. Dips trigger your triceps muscle to grow more than skullcrushers do.

If you want extra arm work, add Dips to workout A and Chinups to workout B. Three sets is enough since the main exercises already work your arms. Your program will look like this…. My app will show you how to progress when you upgrade to StrongLifts Pro. Use it to save yourself having to think about all this. Give your body time to get used to the extra arm work before adding more. This way you can also see the impact adding Chinups and Dips has on your arm development. After that you can add direct arm work if needed. The best isolation exercises for your biceps and triceps are Barbell Curls and Skullcrushers. Barbell Curl with the same Olympic bar you use for the Squat and Deadlift.

You can use the EZ bar for Skullcrushers but not for curls. Two sets is enough with all the work your arms already get. Just focus on doing the exercise correctly, with proper form, moving your muscles over the full range of motion. Straight arms at the bottom of curls, touch your nose with the bar at the top. Feel the muscle. DO NOT train your arms on rest days! They need to recover from your last workout so you can press and pull heavier next workout. This gives your arms Sunday to recover and get stronger for your workout on Monday.

Isolation at the end. Your legs are large muscles. The main function of your abdominal muscles is to support your spine. They contract to keep your spine neutral when you stand, move, Squat , Deadlift , etc. The heavier the weight you lift, the harder your abs must work to keep your spine neutral. This triggers your ab muscles to grow. Your abs may not be visible if a layer of fat covers them. Endless situps and crunches does not burn fat locally. You have to lower your overall body-fat to see your abs. You do this mostly by improving your nutrition. You have to build your ab muscles first. Better, lifting heavy can make your abs so strong and muscular, that they stick out more.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as lower abs. Your lower and upper abs contract as a whole. Learn to stand properly. But if you want to add some, do hanging knee raises and prone bridges. Add one to each workout. Two sets of eight on the former. Sets of sec for the latter. Upgrade to StrongLifts Pro in my app and it will show you how to progress. Squats and Deadlifts work your calves — the muscles contract to straighten your ankles when you lift the weight. The range of motion is limited though compared to doing standing or seated calf raises. So it can make sense to add these exercises to give your calf muscles extra work. But it can be a waste of time if you have high calf muscle insertions.

My calves muscles hang high in the top third of my lower leg. The bottom two thirds is all tendons and bones. The muscle bellies are strong and muscular. But nothing can make them hang lower. This creates a skinny look. Your calves are used to a lot of stress from walking every day. Make sure you go heavy with the weights. And be realistic. If you have high calves like me, the muscles are unlikely to ever stick out from every direction like some guys.

Like they say, if you want big calves, choose better parents. Best thing in that case is to get over it. It will shut them up. Cardio helps fat loss by increasing the amount of calories you burn. Your body burns calories to fuel your cardio. But it also burns more calories for up to 48 hours after your cardio if you do HIIT. If the total calories you burn is higher than the calories you eat, you lose fat. But lifting weights is always more important than cardio.

Many people try to lose fat by doing cardio only. They usually lose a ton of muscle and end up skinny-fat. Lifting weights prevents muscle loss and builds muscle. It makes you look better. It therefore has priority over cardio. Nutrition is also more important than cardio. One Big Mac has kcal while 30min cardio only burns kcal. You have to improve your nutrition as well. You can create a caloric deficit by eating less while lifting weights. Cardio just allows you to eat maintenance calories while creating a deficit. Or it can create a bigger deficit to speed up fat loss. But you can get lean without doing any cardio. LISS burns more calories. The intensity is higher than when walking. HIIT is therefore better. But you burn more calories through EPOC aka the afterburn — your metabolism is higher for up to 48 hours after the cardio.

Add a 5min warmup and 5min cool down and you have 30mins total, burning just as much as with 30mins LISS. You have to push yourself to get the most out of it. This also makes HIIT cardio harder to recover from. If you try to do this every day, it will hinder your recovery. Do the minimum amount of cardio you need to get results first. This way when you get stuck and you will, everyone does , you can add more cardio to get unstuck.

Only competitive bodybuilders trying to get to low single digit body-fat level need cardio six times a week. Best case you plateau, worst case you get an overuse injury. Best is to start with two HIIT cardio sessions a week first. After a few weeks you can add cardio on Wednesday too if needed. This gives you four rest days a week to recover. It will pre-exhaust your legs for Squats and limit how heavy you can go. Lifting weight is more important than cardio as already explained. Do your cardio at the end. Yes this is hard. Cardio on your rest days is a terrible idea. When does your body recover for your next workout if you train five days in a row?

The only exception is Saturday. You have Sunday to recover before the next workout on Monday. Like this…. The simplest way to do HIIT cardio is on the stationary bike. Warmup five minutes at a low intensity. Then pedal as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Go back to an easy pace for 90seconds. Repeat for five rounds and cool down with 5min at a low intensity. This will take you about 20mins. The key is to push hard during the intensity bout. Increase the resistance so you can pedal fast and hard. You should be out of breath within ten seconds. Do sets of 20 reps and take as much rest as you need to make it. Use good form by engaging your hips.

Be warned this will get you sore the first time. Lifting weights is good for your heart. It decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. My resting heart rate has been around 50 for years despite never running and barely doing cardio. Doctors are usually surprised by this as the main thing I do is lifting heavy weights several times a week. The people who do such routines need to add cardio. We do compound exercises that work our whole body. We increase the weight progressively. And we reach high training intensities. Your heart rate increases and you get out of breath. After resting three minutes, you do your next set. This like high intensity interval cardio — it trains your heart and lungs.

Everything under the bar gets stronger when you Squat heavy — muscles, joints, bones. Your heart is a muscle. It gets stronger like every other muscle. It has to so it can pump blood to your muscles and the rest of your body when you lift heavy weights. This strengthens your heart muscle. It works like this: your muscles contract when you lift weights. They compress your blood vessels which increases your blood pressure. Your heart must pump harder against this resistance to deliver blood.

This strengthens it — your left ventricle increases in strength and muscle size. Your blood pressure comes back to normal after your set is done. But it also decreases over time. Lifting heavy weights strengthens your muscles. Stronger muscles are more efficient — it takes more effort to tire them. Stronger muscles therefore also put less demand on your heart.

As an example, think of walking up stairs. Each step is like a single leg Squat. Double your Squat and your legs get twice as strong. Each step now takes your legs half the effort. So they puts less demand on your heart. Stronger muscles basically makes your heart more efficient. It will become above average level, and things like walking up stairs or even short runs will become easier. Stronger muscles last longer. It takes longer before they get tired because every movement takes less effort than before. So the stronger your muscles, the longer you last and thus the further you can go. Think about it — marathon runners rarely have to quit running because they got out of breath. They quit running because their legs are tired.

Just like you have to Squat to become good at Squatting , you have to run to be good at running — at the minimum to improve the skill of running. To get more efficient at it. Strength training makes weak endurance runners better at long distance running. Instead it hurts strength gains by making you less explosive and hindering recovery. Strength and endurance are at opposite ends of the spectrum. There are freaks who manage to get good at both. What you need for strength is different than what you need for endurance. Long runs will tire your legs for Squats. Worst case you get an overuse injury from doing too much. You can get fit faster than you can gain strength.

People who are already strong can get fit in a matter of weeks. So prioritize lifting. This gives your legs a day off before the Squats on Monday. But watch out with doing too much. Your body needs to recover from all that stress in order to progress. All you need is a barbell, bench, plates and Power Rack. That means you can do the full program at home in your garage, basement or backyard if you have the space. I bought a home gym in I lifted for 12 years in my home gym, mostly alone. Here are the benefits I found…. The main drawback of having a home gym is that you need space.

You need a garage, basement or backyard shed big enough to put everything in. Ceiling must be high enough for your rack to fit and to Overhead Press inside. The place must be at least 3m wide so you can put plates on your bar. This is why I sold my home gym in My parents moved to a new house which has no big garage. I live a simple life and travel a lot. And gyms are better today than 10 years ago. So since I train in gyms again.

Home gym drawbacks…. The home gym years were great though. I trained with better equipment than I could have ever found in gyms close by. I saved a ton of time too. And I saved a lot of money. The resale value is great if you buy quality equipment. And it lasts a lifetime — my brother still has my barbell. If you have the space, do it. Your garage, basement or backyard shed will do fine if the floor is solid concrete. Some people have even turned a room in their apartments into home gyms. And buy quality. Buy the best equipment you can get. Quality equipment lasts a lifetime and the resale value is great as I said.

The Power Rack has four vertical supports. It also has two lateral, horizontal safety pins to catch the bar if you fail. You need one to get the bar on your back. You could pull the weight from the floor on your shoulders. But that wastes strength and is a Front Squat. With the Power Rack you can unrack the bar from the J-hooks on your upper-back. If you fail on the Squat or Bench mid-set, the horizontal safety pins will catch the bar. So you can go all-out, get more reps and make better progress.

I lifted weights for 12 years in my home gym. I was usually alone, without spotter. I failed reps many times with heavy weights. The safety pins always caught the bar when I failed. Even if you have a spotter, best is to Squat and Bench in the Power Rack anyway. He might not pay attention or react fast enough when you fail. The Power Rack is more reliable — it catches the bar every single time, whatever happens. All it takes is setting the safety pins at the proper height. If you fail, you can return the weight to the floor. Unless you have limited space, it makes no sense to Deadlift and Row in the Power Rack.

Just do it outside. If you fail you return the bar to your chest. But the Power Rack helps you getting the bar on your shoulders for each set. It saves you having to clean it from the floor since you can take it from the J-hooks. Most Power Racks come with a pullup bar. You can use it to add chinups as assistance exercise for extra arm work… or for hanging knee raises for ab work. You can usually also get dip bars for your Power Rack so you can add Dips as assistance work for your triceps if needed.

The safety pins must be adjustable so you can set them at the proper height to catch failed reps. And it should have outside J-hooks to take the bar out for OHPress unless the rack is tall enough to press inside. Many people have done it from scaffold or even wood. But your milage may vary. You can find plans on the Internet. If your gym has no Power Rack, go to another gym or build a home gym. I understand switching gyms can be inconvenient. The gym can be further away and cost more. But this is what I would do. I also travel a lot. I only train in real gyms because this is important to me. For example — I go to Hong Kong quite a lot. The best gym there is Pure Fitness. They have Power Racks, Eleiko bars, platforms, chalk. Do you want to get real results? Is this really important to you?

Or are you fine wasting time and effort on a BS routine in a fake gym with shit equipment? But you need the right equipment. Get it cancelled or resell it. If nothing works then accept your loss and move on. Your time is more valuable. Cut your loss and go train in a real gym. Squat Racks are open Power Racks. They also have J-hooks to get the bar on your back for Squats. Some Squat Racks have safety pins, some not which makes them unsafe.

I used one the first five years of my training career. Squat Racks with safety pins are usually not adjustable. The pins are fixed. This will stretch your hips hard and can cause your lower back to round. You can fix that by raising your feet stand on plywood. This will throw you off balance and mess with the next rep. Cutting your depth short is not an option because you have to break parallel. The only solution is to Squat outside the rack without safety. You can use the Squat Rack for the Overhead Press though to get the bar on your shoulders. Power Racks are better than Squat Racks because of the adjustable safety pins.

But if your gym only has a Squat Rack then use it to get the bar on your back and ask for a spotter. If you have limited space in your home gym, this looks like a great Squat Rack…. Squat Stands consist of two vertical supports. Each one has J-hooks to help you get the bar on your upper-back for Squats. Olympic weight lifters usually use Squat Stands. It allows them to Squat the weight and then lift it overhead if they want to. Weight lifters drop the bar on the floor if they fail.

But this takes practice. It also takes the right equipment — without bumper plates you break the bar and floor. Bumper plates cost more and take more space. If you train alone in your home gym as I used to, best is to get a pair of sturdy saw horses to catch the bar if you fail. Squat stands take less space than Power Racks. If you want to do assistance work like Pullups, raise the j-hooks and hang from the bar. Just watch out when you rack the weight — they can tip over if you rack it too hard into the J-hooks. The bar moves freely in the Power Rack. The smith machine does. It will force you into fixed, unnatural movements. This can hurt your knees, back, shoulders, wrists, elbows and shoulders. There are newer 3d smith machines that attempt to fix that by allowing horizontal bar movement.

But the bar is still attached on rails. So the machine is still balancing the weight for you instead of letting you balance it yourself. This takes work away from your muscles and is thus less effective. The smith machine looks safer since the bar is attached on rails. But it has no horizontal safety pins to catch the weight. If you fail, you have to quickly rotate your hands to rack the bar. This is like using training wheels to learn how to ride a bike. Sooner or later you have to remove them. This is why kids now use balance bikes instead of training wheels. The only way to learn how to balance the bar is to practice it from day one.

You do this best using the tool you want to get good at balancing. Use the bar, start light, add weight each workout. Set the pins of the Power Rack to catch failed weight. Fail on purpose a few times to build confidence. If your gym only has a smith machine but no Power Rack, switch to a real gym or build a home gym. It will give you the best comfort and security to lift heavy weights with confidence without hurting your joints. Powerlifting bars have…. Many gyms use cheap bars to save money. But it can give you trouble in the long run. Cheap bars often have no middle knurling, so they can slide down when you Squat. The smooth part can be larger and thus harder to grip for Deadlifts.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Red purple on darker skin , itchy, scaly patches of skin [3]. Psoriatic arthritis [4]. I however did not like the smell of it inside the jug. It had a chemical like smell. I really dislike the fact mu skin has been very sensitive to any lotions foundations and detergents including softeners. For now I will use it again and hope to continue with good results. So before I even used this laundry soap, I was skeptical about it being truly scent free.

I sniffed the bottle and it had a light chemical detergent smell that definitely smelled like Tide but not? I could tell it was definitely trying to be scent free as best it could. I honestly expected a light smell after my clothes were done because the scent was just enough to know it was Tide. I enjoyed the fact the soap is totally clear. So my laundry load was all darks, primarily blacks and one dark navy.

I was curious to see how this would work on dark clothes. To my surprise, my clothes were really soft, like a fabric softener had been used although not! Thanks Tide! Amazing product!! Tide Free and Gentle is just that, free of dyes and fragrances and gentle for those with sensitivities. It gets things clean without masking odors with fragrances so you know that it really works. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

I love that it is super gentle on my sensitive skin and my toddlers. Would definitely recommed to family and friends. I think the tide free and gentle is a good product. It is true when it says it is free of scents and dyes. My clothes were just as clean without the smell. I did think it was a little more runny the normal and maybe that's how it has to be made since it is free of scents and dyes.

Overall if you are a person that needs their laundry detergent to be light and gentle this is a good product for you. I was skeptical to use this detergent at first because it had a chemical-ly smell - but that's the beauty of buying natural products! Anyways, I used it and my clothes came out smelling and feeling super fresh. I can't wait to use the rest of this and have a peace of mind that my skin is not touching harsh chemicals. My daughter has severe psoriasis. We have always had to use certain detergents for her. I decided to wash a few articles of her clothing in the Tide Free and Clear just to see if we were safe with this product. First off they came out smelling so fresh and clean. And she asked me why her shirt felt so soft?

She was comfortable all day long!! I love this detergent! My clothes felt clean and my skin wasn't itchty at all! I have now switched detergents! A nice alternative for people with sensitive skin or allergies. No smell. Cleaned everything I put up against it. No color bleeding, clothes are clean , surprised , I was worried that the hypoallergenic formula would not clean as well as the regular.

Other brands like deft never seem to get the stains out. I think this detergent is great, I have very sensitive skin and I have no concerns when using this detergent. I am very happy with it and like that it does not have any scents to it, It comes in a very nice clean looking bottle and is simple to pour right into the washer. I would recommend this to anyone that likes scent free detergents and that has sensitive skin.

I have been a long time purchase of Tide products. Love the product and there is no scent—so nothing to bother me! Mainly because I generally choose detergents based on the scent. However, I decided to give it a shot because of the claims of it being free from dyes, perfumes, and dermatologist recommended. After doing my first load of laundry with this, my towels feel extremely soft and they smell clean and fresh, without smelly artificial or over done. I would definitely use this product again, and plan to recommend it to my family and friends that have known allergies to perfumes and fragrances.

Excellent product!! Our clothes smelled wonderful for weeks after. I loved that it is clear due to the fact that sometimes the soap color from other brands stains on clothes after wash. My husband has very sensitive skin so this was perfect, colorless and not harsh. My clothes were really bright , clean, fresh. Will definitely use this product in the future. I will also recommend to family and friends. This laundry detergent from Tide is amazing!! It's free of dyes and scent so it's great if you and your family have sensitive skin.

Definitely pick one of these up, you won't regret it! It gets your clothes clean without a scent. I like that. I would definitely recommend! I LOVE this product! My clothes came out of the laundry very clean and not smelling like anything! I have used detergents in the past that have no scent and they leave my clothes smelling musty and not smelling clean. Tide knows what they are doing when it comes to making their products great!

I find this to be a great brand overall. I particularly like the unscented version because I don't like my clothes to be saturated with artificial perfumes that can sometimes irritate me and mix with other scents that I may be wearing at the time. This is a huge selling feature for me because there are times when I like to be free of any scents as they can bother others that I am around. It does a good job on my clothes and I am always happy with how clean my clothes are when they come out of the wash. As for being gentle, my skin is on the sensitive side, and my clothes do not irritate me after using this laundry detergent.

I am very grateful that there is a non-scented product out there that will also do a good job cleaning my clothes. I was really happy to find this worked just as well as my regular detergent. Sometimes the scents in laundry can get over powering for me and this detergent was perfect! My son has skin allergies that we have to be cautious when trying new detergents, Tide Free and Gentle was good for this reason. After washing his Flag football jersey in free and gentle he wore it for his next game, usually sweating will cause his skin some irritation with new detergents but not this time! Our family gives it 5 stars!!! Same great clean without the dyes and perfumes, which is the reason I would have given it 5 stars but the smell is not my favorite.

I still love the cleaning power though and would recommend this to people with sensitive skin or small children. I was surprised to find this to be strong enough to clean my mans work clothes concrete ugh and still be gentle enough on my kids ezema. Overall stands up to the tide brand I trust but could be stronger scented. My husband and I constantly battle with our laundry trying to find something that doesn't bother his allergies and is sensitive enough to be around my psoriasis. I wish the bottle was bigger because I am in love! I love the idea of dye free, scent free soaps and detergents, but as the mother of three teenaged boys, I have an uphill battle in terms of battling smells.

I loved that my clothes were clean and fresh without any dyes or perfumes, and it must be strong because it worked on the clothes and towels in my house with strongest stink factor possible! My family now can get clean, fresh clothes without the use of added perfumes and scents! Tide Free and Gentle cleaned my clothes and sheets great! Even with my sensitive skin, it worked great. I would diffently recommend this product. Good for sensitive clean. I am sensitive to detergents so I was not shocked when my daughter was too. I was however shocked that her allergy was severe. Her body would break out anywhere clothing touched her.

I am relieved to have this product in my home, I have never before found something to clean with that would not cause her pain. As a person who suffers from very sensitive skin this product campaign just drew to me. I've used many different types of sensitive laundry detergents before, but I can honestly say that this one very much impressed me. It leaves my clothes feeling fresh, without making my allergies act up. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more skin friendly laundry detergent.

We have a newborn baby and this laundry detergent works the best for all the stinky messes! I love the fact it is free of dyes and perfumes so I don't have to worry about any allergies for my family. I have very sensitive skin and fount it difficult having to try different detergents, since they helped with my skin but they wouldn't wash my clothes well enough. Now this is all I'm going buy! I love it. It is definitely strong enough for the whole family. It was nice to use a laundry detergent that is not strong with perfumes. It works amazing and gets everything clean and bright. I Would have no problem recommending this product to anyone ever!

I never did so much laundry in one day! I never liked my clothes smelling of heavy perfumes, it always made me cough. Now they smell clean, just clean. It didn't take a lot of liquid to clean them either. I look forward to getting my entire wardrobe washed and clean, without walking around smelling like a perfume factory! My dad is a chemical engineer who actually specializes in laundry detergent. He always told me not to use anything but Tide to actually get my clothes clean! Keeps her from getting rashes or having reactions, while still getting stains out of clothes and keeping them clean and fresh. I have very sensitive skin and this detergent is such a weight off my worries of breaking out due to the fragrances or chemicals in other soaps. I can tell my clothes and blankets are clean to the touch and have the ease of knowing even in when my skin is at its worst, Tide keeps my clothes safe.

I have a condition called CIU Chronic Idopathic Urticaria , it is not caused by laundry detergent, but I can tell less of a breakout after using this!!! I was worried about the perfume free, because I love the smell of fresh clean clothes, but I am in fact impressed! They smell very clean!! I received my detergent and ironically had a load to wash that evening. This product left my clothes clean with no residue. Amazing to use for people with sensitive skin as well as your babies clothes I will be buying this in the future!!!

All the cleaning power of tide with softer ingredients for sensitive skin. I had never used this product, only buying regular tide, but I genuinely liked that it gave my clothes a clean fragrance without being overwhelmingly perfumey. We sometimes have problems with itchy skin and I'll be interested to see if this helps with that problem. Plus I love the "clean" smell you get from the detergent as well. I will definitely be using this product again! Great detergent if you have allergies. Many other detergents will make my sinuses act up or cause itching to skin. Tide Free and Gentle is gentle on the skin. Cleans just as good as my old detergent too. This is a great product for people with sensitive skin or tend to break out with other products.

There is no fresh sent or softener, so cloths don't come out as soft as I would like. Have used the "Free and Gentle" for a long time and it works well. No issues at all. I have sensitive skin and this is the perfect detergent. I'm so glad you came out with this. It has been my go to since I found in store. Just wish there were more coupons out there on this product. After the very first wash of my brand new lavender colored sweatshirt from Topman, my shirt is crossed with faded stripes over the hood and front.

I regret falling for the "Free and Gentle" headline. At last a product that doesn't leave my clothes with a fragrance, and that isn't going to make one of us break out in a rash. This product proves you don't need all the extras to make a fine product. This product has been the only detergent I am able to use. Tide Free and Gentle doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, or bother my eczema.

It cleans my laundry and keeps my coloured clothing bright. We have use tide product for long time, always love it. Great expedients, love the smell, the smell will stay in your clothes for days. I used this product for the first time. The perfume is overpowering. I tried to wash my laundry with fragrance free soap followed by a vinegar and water rinse. The smell is cloying! Tough on stains and fragrance free. Also great to use if you have sensitive skin. I've stopped itching!! Nothing cleans like Tide. I've tried other "free and clear" detergents and none of them got my clothes as clean as this product.

I just wish they would carry it at my BJs. I use this on our baby's clothes. It works perfect. It has gotten out everything. No scent of any kind and gentle for baby. I would say it is one of the best Detergents you can buy, for your money!!! I have twin babies with very sensitive skin. This product is the best out there!! None of the others compare to the results this product had!! Will not go to any other brands! The only scented laundry detergent for which I have ever had any brand loyalty was Pure Essentials with baking soda - white lilac scented.

It worked on my toxic work-out clothes and I liked the scent. Why is there no equivalent or substitute? Tide has been a blessing for me. Does a great job on my clothes and don't have to worry about a fragrance. I want a detergent that is safe in the laundry, that does not irritate the skin. I have always used Tide Free Liquid. But, recently, I tried Planet brand detergent, "gentle on sensitive skin". It is harsh on my skin, and too strong for our household needs. Tide Free is very much better, safe and effective. Thank you. I love this detergent for my Children's clothes.

Would make laundry duty a little easier. Don't use anything else! I have allergies and decided to try Tide Free and Gentle. Not only did my clothes come out clean, there was no perfume odor, just clean. My clothes smell clean because they are clean. I will never again use any other detergent for my clothes. Tide Free and Gentle is amazing for my family because I want my clothes to be clean but also not make us break out or have trouble breathing.

Great detergent!!! Doesn't bother skin at all. Love the freshness of the clothes after using this product! No problems with this product. I have very sensitive skin and have not had any problems since I began washing my clothes with this. Great Product! My kidshave very sensitive skin and this product doesn't bother there skin at all. This product cleans up my toddler messy clothes. I am allergic to every thing and break out every where. No dies and purfume-free. Doesn't get any better. I use this for my newborn and it is great..

No stains in his clothes from the formula this takes it right out!! I have very sensitive skin and have had to use tide free and clear for years, When I got married to a deer hunter he loved it as well as it does not leave a smell on his clothes!! Thank You Tide for making this awesome detergent for those of us that can not use scented products! We have used Tide Free and Gentle since my husband and I have sensitive skin issues.

We have not had any skin irritation problems using this product and it cleans our clothes very well. Tide smells really really good, this is something that I would recommend to everybody. I didn't realize until after the dry cycle that my son had left a half a pack of cigarettes in one of his pockets of the clothing I had washed. When I took the load of laundry out of the dryer, I saw the filters from the cigarettes and realized what had happened. Most of the tobacco was caught by the lint trap of the dryer. Tide has a wonderful scent to it. I love the way all their detergents smell. After a wash and a dry putting your clothes up to your nose and breathing in is so nice. One last thing Will be sticking with Tide. I have an allergy-prone husband, so I always washed our linens in Tide Free.

It does an excellent job in hot water. Is there any problem of which I am not aware in using "he" laundry products in regular washing machines? I have used Tide my entire life. In the last few years I've been unable to use many products due to migraines. I was very sad when I learned that both Bounce - fragrance free and Tide Free and Gentle now give me migraines. Tide Free didn't have this effect, but I'm unable to find it anymore. Did IT change? Or did I change? Same question for Bounce. I've used it longer than I can remember, but can no longer use it. Is it different? I can use other Free and Clear, but they give my clothes an odor. Tide clothes always feel cleaner and fresher to me.

My mom complained of her washer not working. When I gave her Tide Free she realized it's not the washer, but rather the "free and clear" detergents that she used Free and Clear detergents are NOT all equal. It's the best "free" laundry product on the market. That's if you use the powder product. I have found that the liquid does not clean as well as the powder, but they both are great for sensitive skin. I've also noticed that the stores have gone up in price on the powder lately, to over 9. When I find it on sale I try to use coupons and stock up.

It does not get the clothes clean nor does it release stains. I cannot use perfumed detergents. Please go back to old formula. Have been using Tide forever! But am I the only one who notices that Tide just doesn't clean as well as it used to? And why should we have to buy separate "stain release" products? You can do better. Please stop making so many useless varieties and improve what's necessary. Thanks for listening My family has a sensitivity to fragrance, so I started using the 2X Ultra Tide Free several months ago, with satisfactory results. I started noticing over the next few weeks that it does not seem to have the cleaning power of the previous product. I noticed that grease spots were not releasing and both whites and colors were not getting as clean as that to which I had become accustomed.

I am disappointed that such a great product as the 2X Ultra Tide Free is no longer available, and view the replacement as a non-effective substitute for day to day laundry requirements. The tide product is the only product I use for cleaning our cloths. We like how it is gentle on our cloths. The concretion of this product, you do not have to use much to clean your cloths. I like our cloths smelling fresh and clean.

We started using it for our baby's clothes. I loved it so much that I started to use it for all of our clothes. It is great for people with sensitive sknin because there is no scent to it. It does an excellent job at cleaning clothes, especially the stains that come with having a little baby. Even through its free and gentle, it's amazing the way it cleans my clothes This produce is great. It takes out stains, cleans my clothes wonderfully, and gives you confidence to know you are getting your money worth.

Tide is not a water down product. I love Tide Free most of all; cause it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I was a little upset and confused when the new packing showed up on the store shelves. So I took a giant leap of faith. I was very relieved when my family put on their clean clothes, and did not swell up like balloons. I still have a product that cleans my clothes and keeps my amily's sensative skin in check. I was forced to buy the new Tide Free and Gentle because the other regular Tide Free was not on the shelf and unwilling to switch brands I tried it. I first was dissapointed in the positioning - with 3 kids I am not looking for a gentle cleaner makes me think of Dreft.

I experienced my washer smelling very poorly - like wet old clothes that have sat for awhile. More than that I just do not want a gentle clean, I want the regular duty Tide Free. I have now actually switched brands to 7th Generation. I will come back if you bring back the old Tide Free. Or tell me where I can find it. A Tide Free for HE machines that leaves clothes soft and clean. The soap really does rinse out and the fabric is soft. I have been using Tide Free and Tide Free for HE for years and my wash would usually come out stiff and I'd rinse again with no change and I live in a soft water area. Now, cotton sweaters, sweats, tees are soft - I usually use a double rinse, anyway.

No odor, no damage. Please tell your chemists to leave this one alone and if they get bored, give them something else to do. And contrary to other reviews, my machine smells BETTER and the clothes have no odor and I have no need to use white vinegar to get them soft or cleaner. Get rid of that 2x Tide Free HE. I'm not seeing much of a difference between this and the Tide Free an Clear. I'm getting the exact same clean and all. I personally trust and recommend it. I was raised using Tide and I have used Tide since getting married 32 years ago.

A few years ago we switched to Tide Free. It is literally eating up my cotton clothes. My clothes don't smell clean and my washer always stinks now. I will be finding a new company and product after this fiasco. Although I am a life long Tide user, I purchased this product because it was the only He detergent the store had at the time. Although it cleans the clothes it leaves them with that not clean smell. It reminds me of how clothes smell after they have been wet and left in a pile to dry.

I highly discourage purchassing this product unless you absolutely have to. No scent and my cloths are clean and fresh smelling. Thanks you TIDE. I've used Tide Free for 15 years. This formula is not the same. It does not cause a rash which is a plus, but it does not get our clothes clean. It didn't even get out playground dirt from my son's T-shirts. Tide Free used to get everything out, including some paint stains. I'm so disappointed. If you are looking for a detergent that will just keep that stink from before you washed it this is the one.

It even makes any scents from sweat more noticeable. Horrible Horrible Horrible product. I didnt realize it was this until i had changed soaps, deodorants, shampoos, even bought new clothes, then changed detergents when i realized what was causing it. My skin does not itch as with some detergents and it really cleans my clothes. I recommend this product to everyone. At least try it, you will love it. Found my first Coldwater Tide just this week in our area and it is the best.

Have been using more Coldwater Tide as so many products are Cotton or Dark Colors, but now don't have to worry about allergic reactions with my family. This is the cheapest and most effective FREE detergent for sensitive skin for adults or children that suffer from allergies. It also does a great job at getting out stains too. Highly Recommended. It was not my favorite as far as cleaning. When Tide came out with fragrance and dye free I was elated and immediately started using it. At times, when other brands came out with fragrance and dye free, I tried them. I always came back to Tide Free because it does the best job. Living on a fixed income, I have to cut corners, but I stick to Tide even though it costs more then some brands.

Was so glad to find it. Works great!!!!!! I don't like my clothes coming out of the dryer smelling like laundry detergent perfume. I like that it has no scent, but I do not find any information if it can be used in he machines. My washer is a front-loader. I won't use anything else. I have very sensitive skin, and have no problems at all with this product.

I am very sensitive to soaps, lotions, etc I prefer to use Tide as it really cleans the best. But I live in a small community. No one carries the Tide Free, HE! I can find other brands of gentle HE everywhere, but refuse to buy them. They doesn't clean like Tide! When ever my husband and I go to another city or town we always try to stop and purchase enough Tide Free HE to last a while.

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