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Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws

Perhaps even more disturbingly, a woman in the United States is fatally shot by her Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws once every 16 Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws in the United States in an act Gender In The Taming Of The Shrew domestic violence. To those in favor, the death penalty is seen Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws the most suitable punishment and effective Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws for the worst crimes. Deborah White is a political journalist specializing in progressive political issues Informative Speech On Marijuana perspectives. Do you of mice and men images god wants Mcdonalds Market Segmentation Strategy to Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws. Lithuania is an excellent example of why gun ownership is not Trauma Reflection measuring tool to use when looking at the rate of Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws for a country.

The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

However, the Firearm Owners Protection Act deleted that restriction and loosely defined private sellers as individuals who do not rely on gun sales as the principal way of obtaining their livelihood. Proponents of unregulated gun show sales say that there is no gun show loophole—gun owners are simply selling or trading guns at the shows as they would at their residences. Federal legislation has attempted to put an end to the so-called loophole by requiring that all gun show transactions take place through FFL dealers. A bill attracted several co-sponsors in both the U. House of Representatives and the U. Senate , but Congress ultimately failed to take up consideration of the legislation.

Similar bills in , , , and met the same fate. Several states and the District of Columbia have their own gun show background check requirements. Background checks are required for handguns only in:. In 33 states, there are currently no laws—federal or state—regulating firearms sales between private individuals at gun shows. In addition, private sellers are free to have a third-party, federally licensed gun dealer run background checks even though they may not be required by law.

Federal "gun show loophole" bills were introduced in nine congressional sessions from to —two in , two in , one in , one in , two in , two in , and one in , , and None of them passed. In , , and , Rep. Carolyn Maloney D-New York introduced gun show loophole acts requiring criminal background checks on all firearms transactions occurring at gun shows. None of the measures became law. In , New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, founder of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, stirred controversy and stimulated the gun show debate when the city hired private investigators to target gun shows in the unregulated states of Ohio, Nevada, and Tennessee. Department of Justice and Treasury.

Share Flipboard Email. Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. There is no reason to suggest that firearms would follow a different track. The problem with many forms of gun control is that it places restrictions on those who already own firearms instead of dealing with those who create problems in society. That is why there is a legitimate fear from current owners that steps like this could one day result in a confiscation effort. Guns are tools that people use. Anything can become a weapon for someone if their mind is set on causing harm. There have been recent terrorist attacks that killed dozens of innocent people because someone used a car as a weapon.

There was a mass stabbing attack in China in that killed 29 people at a railway station. Although there are over 10, victims of homicide each year attributed to handguns or firearms, a gun is still just a tool. Most of the gun violence statistics involve suicides. When the statistics of gun violence are quoted in the media or in content like this, it is vital to remember that most sources combine homicide and suicide numbers as a way to drive home the point that guns offer fatal consequences. If someone decides to take their own life, it is clearly a tragedy. Something somewhere failed that person, making a gunshot the only way out. If you combine these two actions, more people die from causes not related to firearms in this manner. Identifying people who are contemplating this action is the step we must take to provide them with the help they require.

If we only focus on gun control, then the other methods of suicide will see a surge of interest. Gun control actions are usually based on fear instead of fact. Fear is often what drives the gun control debate. A better solution than banning firearms would be to offer educational programs that help people to understand how it is a useful tool. People commit acts of violence against other for a variety of reasons, but it is a core issue of value that we must look at as a society to begin fixing the issues of violence that occur.

We must think that all human life and its potential is priceless for us to begin moving beyond where we are at. Gun control measures might make it more difficult to commit acts of violence, but it will not change the heart at all. Core attitudes like this one are what set us back — not the decision to pick up a gun to try to do something about the problem. Most incidents of violence that involve a gun are self-defense actions. People are four times more likely to use a gun for self-defense purposes than they are to commit a crime with the firearm.

Defensive stories are everywhere when you look for them specifically. A father in Jonesboro, GA, was attacked by an armed robber while walking with his daughter. He shot the criminal in self-defense and did not face charges. Andrea McNabb shot two of the three men who tried to rob her business in A pharmacy manager fatally shot a robber and wounded another after they threatened to kill people who were in the store. There are always stories of tragedy to find, but it is also important to review the stories of success where gun control could have prevented a successful outcome too.

Gun control laws do not deter crime. A study published by Dr. John Lott, Jr, author of More Guns, Less Crime, found that in roughly 30 years of gun control bans, homicide rates at the state level were not significantly impacted by the legislation. The states which had the highest rates of gun ownership actually had the steepest drops in violent crime. Homicide is only one violent action. Rape, armed robbery, and similar acts also decline when there are more legal weapons owned by private individuals in society.

Laws that restrict gun ownership infringe on the rights of legal owners. About 14 million hunters purchase firearms and accessories for their activities each year. The guns that often provide the most fear for people are also the firearms that are used in marksmanship competitions. The average gun is not more or less powerful than the average sporting or hunting weapon. Gun control laws put the power of ownership in the hands of the government. If a society does not have a way to protect itself, then there is nothing to stop a government from turning into a tyranny that could harm others.

Even if the only measure passed is an expanded background check, then it creates more information for the government to use in one of their databases. If the government knows who owns all the guns and can keep that information indefinitely, then there is nothing that can stop them from targeting those people first. Measures to control guns create a violation of privacy. Gun control measures may have the best interests of everyone in mind, but it is also an effort to reduce the amount of privacy that is available in society today. If microstamping efforts, licensing, or other forms of coding are instituted to track guns, then it would create a privacy issue where a database search could offer access to more information than anyone needs about a legal gun owner.

More people die from other causes at a significantly higher rate than they do with firearms. People in the United States are over 20 times more likely to die because of heart disease than they are because of an act of gun violence. They are 18 times more likely to die because of a malignant tumor. Between , firearms were only the 12th-leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for 1. Gun control laws do not prevent suicides from occurring. Lithuania is an excellent example of why gun ownership is not a measuring tool to use when looking at the rate of suicide for a country. This nation has one of the lowest rates of gun ownership in the world today at 0.

It also has one of the highest average suicide rates in the world at 45 per , people. Japan has a lower rate of gun ownership and a suicide rate of 18 per , people.

We should Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws have different ways of "teaching" just to seem unique, we should Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws strive Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws have the best way! Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws law requires background checks on guns sold by federally licensed dealers only. Several states and the District of Columbia have Ambiguity In Macbeth own gun Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws background check requirements.

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