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Essay On Involuntary Commitment

An unprecedented step, Essay On Involuntary Commitment scholarship should further the cause Essay On Involuntary Commitment freedom of thought and the exchange Essay On Involuntary Commitment ideas in academia. Written by Steve S. These questions may ultimately lead the Supreme Court to issue Family Nurse Practitioner Analysis of its rare opinions on the meaning of the Thirteenth Amendment. Thereby, no distinction was made between distributing Essay On Involuntary Commitment to shareholders in the form of Essay On Involuntary Commitment or stock repurchases Handley, CiteSeerX On October 7,the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education OISE at the Essay On Involuntary Commitment of Toronto announced Essay On Involuntary Commitment they had Essay On Involuntary Commitment a scholarship for students doing theses Essay On Project Management the area Essay On Involuntary Commitment antipsychiatry. Ordering an essay from EssayErudite. Essay On Involuntary Commitment amendments have Essay On Involuntary Commitment made Essay On Involuntary Commitment. PMID

NJ Officials: Involuntary Commitment Program Works

The aim of this essay is to analyse the key financial benefits of technological innovation in the oil and gas industry. Creativity is one of the primary drivers of innovation in the contemporary business environment that can impact the effectiveness of companies to a substantial degree. This effect is confirmed by the examples of such renowned organisations as Apple, Kodak and Xerox Puccio et al. Unfortunately, the role of this practice in the context of smaller companies has received much less attention from the previous researchers in the field Taylor, The aim of this essay is to analyse what creativity drivers are utilised by British small and medium enterprises SMEs to narrow the existing gap in this dimension between the UK and European Union countries Goldman Sachs, The problem of employee training effectiveness is relevant for all organisations operating in the healthcare industry Balbale et al.

The educational process in this context is often hindered by such barriers and challenges as poor time availability Osaro and Chima, and the limited effectiveness of educational programmes Maisonneuve et al. In recent years, the National Health System NHS organisation has been frequently criticised in the UK for long wait times, low service quality and insufficient competence of its personnel members Kaidi and Atun, , which undermines the implementation of the 6Cs concept promoted by the studied organisation NHS, The aim of this essay is to review employee training challenges in the NHS. In the light of the non-stop globalisation process, the issue of cultural diversity has received a close academic attention Hsiao et al. Profit-making organisations, especially those operating on an international scale, have to deal with cultural diversity issues, which can result in communication problems and conflicts in the workplace Ashikali and Groeneveld, , p.

This issue is especially relevant to the hospitality industry, which is characterised by a high proportion of expatriate workers, both in the UK and globally Fe Causin et al. Nevertheless, there has been a considerable debate among academics about the effect of CSR on companies and their stakeholders Hur et al. The main purpose of this essay is to identify and critically discuss the impact of CSR on organisational stakeholders in the light of various theories, including the stakeholder theory and shareholder theory.

The essay consists of an introduction, a critical review of the CSR concept, the impact of CSR on organisations and their stakeholders and conclusion. To view the full Essay click here. Both models allow academics and practitioners to categorise organisational culture along pre-determined dimensions, which is their main strength Johnson and Scholes, , p. This simplifies typology and subsequent analysis. At the same time, the more recently created models such as the approach outlined by Iljins et al. The following essay critically evaluates whether the original ideas of Johnson and Scholes , p. The aim of this essay is to identify and evaluate the links between leadership styles and employee outcomes using traditional leadership and motivation frameworks.

The leadership models providing the theoretical basis of the discussion are the classical model by Kurt Lewin Billig, , the Managerial Grid Model by Blake and Mouton , and the transformational leadership model. The confirming and disconfirming empirical evidence for the relationships implied by each model is critically evaluated. Online services companies are different from other services companies in a lot of ways. Such companies differ in terms of their operations, reporting of their numbers, as well as the cash flow recording methods. Also, since these companies differ in so many ways, it is not a straightforward process for potential investors to calculate the expected returns on their investments.

Therefore, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of investment appraisal techniques for online services companies. The most popular soft drink chain in the world, Coca Cola, originated in Atlanta, Georgia, in the year Being a prominent manufacturer, dealer and supplier of non-alcoholic drink concentrates and syrups globally, Coca Cola supplies its beverage concentrates and syrups to distributors, bottling and canning operators and fountain retailers and wholesalers. Although the company started building its international network in the s, it now operates in nearly countries and produces more than brands.

McDonald's is one of the world's largest chains of fast food restaurants, which is well-known for its hamburgers. It serves nearly 68 million customers each day in countries all over the world. However, in the year the restaurant reorganised its business as a hamburger stand by incorporating production line principles. Further in , Ray Kroc became a franchise agent in the company. He later purchased the restaurant chain from the McDonald brothers and managed to expand it on an international level. Contemporary organisations have to be innovative and constantly develop new products to remain competitive in the markets of their presence Farid et al.

Moreover, new products introduced by companies to their consumers should not only meet the needs and expectations of the target population, but also be affordable and cost-efficient. A number of factors such as resources available to an organisation, skills of the personnel, overall degree of rivalry in the market segment determine the success of newly launched products. In turn, theoretical and empirical literature on new product development NPD highlights that complex and intertwined factors predict NPD performance Wu et al.

View the full sample essay. Modern supply chains allow companies to source the required raw materials and components at the cheapest possible price MacCarthy et al. Organisations such as Apple now source raw materials from one country and produce components using them in other parts of the world to make their top of the line products. One of the main reasons why Apple and other multinational corporations have thrived over the past two decades is their highly efficient supply chain that could not be imitated by competitors easily.

The vote proved to be a close call, but eventually, the public decided to leave the EU. This decision has had major political, economic, and financial consequences for the UK. Firstly, the vote was held amidst political turbulence in the country. The results of the vote made the political scene even more complicated. Secondly, businesses in the UK had to brace themselves for economic and financial consequences. Leaving the EU would mean that companies would have to work in an environment of uncertainty and higher risks. It would also mean that businesses would have to comply with new regulations and deal with the issue of market access Arnorsson and Zoega, This essay aims to evaluate the economic effect of Brexit on UK businesses.

In the recent decade, many globally recognised corporations including Google, Disney, Facebook, Tesla, and Hulu announced major changes to their corporate and legal structures Hesmondhalgh, While the stated reasons for these major transformations were different, they all fall within the same managerial concept called corporate restructuring. This phenomenon has been in existence for many years as many organisations used it to optimise tax burden, reduce overhead, refinance debt obligations or start new spin-off businesses to enter new market segments.

However, the growing internationalisation and digitalisation of multinational corporations have made corporate restructuring a semi-obligatory step in the eyes of many practitioners Birkinbine et al. Contemporary organisations have to face the necessity to undergo changes to adapt to the rapidly changing external environment and new market trends Al-Haddad and Kotnour, These transformations can sometimes be involuntary and involve extensive internal restructuring and employee layoffs. These activities often create resistance to change from the personnel that substantially decreases the overall change effectiveness and increases associated costs. The aim of this essay is to analyse the resistance factors existing within the company and the ways it can mitigate their negative impact.

Evidence-based practice is applied in numerous sciences whereas the use of quantitative methods allows for conducting statistical analysis the result of which can be further replicated and either confirmed or refuted by the scientific community. To generate verifiable knowledge, the same methods of research should be applied. The sphere of corporate governance lies at the intersection of management and finance since the structure of top executives and characteristics and the balance of power between particular directors affect both managerial and financial issues, and ultimately, all other aspects of the organisational performance.

Results received by previous researchers can be applied in practice. Thus, it is important that these results are objective and unbiased. View full sample essay. With Apple being one of the most iconic brands in the consumer electronics market, its financial results throughout the COVID period can be seen as controversial Statista, On the one hand, its recent sales increase could be seen as a highly positive result after the major decline in global sales throughout On the other hand, it is not clear whether this single spike in revenues will be sustainable considering the slowdown of many economies including the most critical Chinese market Canon and Jasper, The following SWOT analysis explores the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Apple.

View the full sample essay: Business Analysis of Apple. Since the completion of the referendum in June , many experts questioned whether the resulting implications in many spheres would outweigh the expected benefits Bulmer and Quaglia, With multiple disruptions occurring since that moment including the global COVID pandemic, these original predictions may need to be re-appraised to better understand the current status quo. In the last several decades, globally recognised and established brands have been demonstrating growing interest in new global markets including those of developing countries Riley et al.

While these environments are associated with substantial customer resources, the entry into them is often hindered by various economic, political or cultural barriers. The aim of this essay is to explore the key reasons why global brands adopt different positioning strategies in the countries of their presence. Strategic management allows for identifying the position of companies in their external environment and evaluating their internal resources and capabilities in order to find the optimal methods of ensuring their growth and business success Omolade and Tony, At the same time, the quality of strategy development and the outcomes of its implementation directly depend on the skills of the managers acting as decision-makers Sabourin and Ayande, Spanish fast fashion companies rely on innovation and intangible resources to achieve global growth Truett and Truett, This emphasises the need to select the most effective strategic management approaches to identify potential bottlenecks that decrease the quality of decision-making in these organisations and prevent them from responding to relevant market trends.

Hence, the aim of this essay is to explore what strategic management approaches and skills would stimulate the growth of the fast fashion industry in Spain. To download the full essay click here. As the Internet sales industry is constantly growing on a global scale, companies are looking for new ways to influence customer behaviours and motivate clients to purchase their products and services in the online environment Dai et al. The quality of corporate information resources is one of the critical antecedents of conversion, which emphasises the role of Internet platform elements in the decision-making process. Therefore, website design is highly significant as this dimension is responsible for the convenience, effectiveness and trustworthiness of marketing interaction with prospective customers Rozekhi et al.

However, its role in the decision-making process is often vaguely defined. However, despite the importance of this concept, there still remains substantial ambiguity surrounding its strategic functions and roles for contemporary businesses. For instance, scholars are yet to reach a specific conclusion on how electronic word-of-mouth eWOM could be successfully integrated into the communications strategies of contemporary organisations Park et al.

This essay critically analyses the applications marketing communications with the aim of evaluating their major strengths and weaknesses. Due to their growing popularity with consumers, social media have become an effective marketing communications channel as well as one-to-one communication means Keegan and Rowley, Social media marketing SMM is commonly reported to contribute to consumer engagement and create positive perceptions and attitudes towards brands, products, and services Chen et al. While SMM influences the way consumers evaluate and perceive goods and services in the online environment, it does not necessarily results in a purchase decision Barger et al.

Customer communication is one of the main antecedents of customer satisfaction in the modern environment Hanninen and Karjaluoto, However, not all organisations can afford recruiting large teams of English-speaking assistants with in-depth product training. However, these brands belong to the mass market segment and their consumers may not have the same level of e-services expectations as premium brands clients.

This essay closes this gap by exploring the effect of chatbots on the customer satisfaction in luxury e-services. With Apple using face scans to unlock your iPhone X and Google incorporating FaceNet functionality to sort your Google Photos and tag people in them, it is evident that facial recognition has become a modern-day phenomenon on par with blockchain and artificial intelligence Gemalto, While engineers and programmers are looking for new ways to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of this technology, marketers are more concerned with the ways it can be used to improve customer communication and personalisation. On the other hand, this raises multiple ethical challenges within the scope of the recent personal data protection regulations and the rights for privacy.

Unfortunately, the field of facial recognition application in marketing is a relatively understudied area of marketing knowledge. This suggested the need to explore the emerging opportunities and challenges in this sphere that can be used by modern marketers. The marketing of luxuries constitutes a well-developed field of academic study Yu and Hu, ; Liu et al. One question that has not yet been answered by scholars, however, was whether the traditional definition of luxury could be extended to resource- and labour-intensive industries such as the construction sector Ko et al.

The majority of academic knowledge on luxury has so far focused on apparel or the provision of luxury services, signifying the existence of a vital research gap Chandon et al. The essay addresses this lack of academic knowledge by transferring the extant conceptualisations of luxury into the construction industry. Specifically, the analysis focuses on whether marble could be presented by marketers employed by construction firms as a luxury material. Answering this question could provide both marketing theorists and practitioners with valuable knowledge on developing new marketing strategies in construction and similar industries. The resent studies demonstrate that the internet has become the first opinion consumers tend to rely on when it comes to making a purchase decision Apulu and Latham, Social media platforms, blogs, and websites provide users with easy access to numerous product and service reviews generated by other users.

The analysis focuses on applying the concept of social media authenticity to the case of Adidas. When evaluating social media communications of sportswear companies including Adidas , authors such as Graves and Johansson and Hiltula argued that focusing on inclusion, diversity and similar topics e. Nonetheless, the studies of Graves and Johansson and Hiltula failed to analyse whether Adidas has consistently distributed authentic social media messages when discussing the above subject areas.

Security holdings become riskier when stock prices fluctuate. Such fluctuations are commonly regarded as volatility, whereas, minor ones tend to be considered market noise i. Thus, as investors move to enhance their positions, a number of variables are taken into account, such as macroeconomic conditions, accounting statements and industry trends. Option valuation also takes these variables into account by using the present value of the stock price as a benchmark on which hedges will be formed.

Therefore, options can best be described as ways in which investors can take advantage of superior information to hedge against their current stock positions. Even though there are numerous academic studies on dividend policy, the topic has been one of the most controversial topics in the finance sector. The aim of this essay is to discuss both views and determine whether dividends have any influence on the company value. The capital structure of a company is one of the key decision-making points along with investment decisions and distribution decisions.

The capital structure shows how much financial leverage a company has on its books in relation to other capital such as equity. Potential investors look at the capital structure and identify the amount of debt raised by the company and this helps them to assess the risk of financial distress. A high risk of financial distress is associated with bankruptcy. Yet, having too little debt on the books can prevent the company from keeping up with the industry growth rates. Therefore, it is important to understand the key elements of the capital structure and its influence on company value Chowdhury and Chowdhury, In fact, this has been one of the major modes of growth for companies operating in saturated markets.

There have been many instances where a merger or an acquisition proved to be a value destructor rather than a value creator. Finance literature has two different views on the dividend policy. One view suggests that dividends are irrelevant for value whereas the other view states that dividends have implications for value. The original theory of irrelevance of dividends for value was empirically tested by DeAngelo and DeAngelo and the authors rejected the model that was suggested by Miller and Modigliani The research demonstrated that the payout policy was relevant and investment policy was not the only determinant of firm value. The observations were inherent even to frictionless markets.

However, the study paid attention to total payouts rather than cash dividends only. Thereby, no distinction was made between distributing earnings to shareholders in the form of dividends or stock repurchases Handley, The Mean-Variance approach is a common portfolio optimisation method which is based on the assumption that all investors make rational investment decisions if they are given access to complete market information. On the other hand, the Black-Litterman model is a more advanced method of portfolio optimisation. The primary reason for developing this model was that it aimed to overcome fundamental issues such as errors in estimation, portfolios that are too concentrated, and technical issues such as input sensitivity.

The two approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses Idzorek, This paper aims to discuss these features and make a comparison that can be of value to investors. Pakistan is a country in South Asia with a population of million people, which is the fifth largest population in the world PBS, Pakistani economy is semi-industrialised with a well-developed agricultural sector and an increasing share of the services sector Iqbal, It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world driven by the rapidly growing middle class Kaplan, ; Alam, Productivity is one of the key economic indicators related to economic growth. The US economy is larger compared to the UK and has shown better performance over the last decade. This partially can be attributable to the difference in productivity between the countries.

This essay compares industrial and commercial productivity between the UK and the US. The paper finds that the US outperforms the UK in terms of productivity. The gap between the countries is caused by the technological development. There are an estimated 6. The provision of long term caregiving has been linked to increased health problems Wolff et al. Contemporary nursing practice is a diverse and challenging field and nurses are increasingly involved in complex decision-making as their roles expand in the health system Cherry and Jacob, Underlying any care decision is the need to identify the source of the problem and then to develop a suitable approach to addressing this problem.

The assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating approach, also known as APIE Yura and Walsh, , is a commonly used approach to care planning in nursing practice. This approach encourages a systematic and rigorous approach to patient care, incorporating a holistic perspective of the care process. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the individual components of the APIE and the approach in its entirety with respect to nursing practice. This process can be used in either physical or mental health settings, and follows the same process regardless of what branch of medicine clinicians are working in Ibid. This essay will introduce Jerry, a patient with possible alcohol issues, who is a 68 year old man whose drinking has become concerning to his friends and family, and whose memory has been said to be getting rapidly worse.

In order to demonstrate the ADPIE process, each stage shall be outlined below; decisions and actions shall be supported both by clinical guidelines and by peer reviewed evidence was relevant. The past few decades have seen an increasing public interest in the use of complementary and alternative medicine CAM. This text speaks to the fact that other groups could be based on the idea of racism, oppression or discrimination Earlet, Moreover, due to the nature of the therapy being in a form of a group, the facilitator is required to develop, alongside the members, group norms and boundaries Schachter, n.

Social services within the outpatient and inpatient programs are facilitated by the social workers. The social workers host group therapy sessions, complete treatment plan, facilitates the aftercare planning meetings between the patient and their family members or friend, locate housing centers for homeless patients as well as those that are in unsafe living conditions, determine patient eligibility for program services, conduct biopsychosocial assessments, conduct CDC with patients, evaluate. Although amendments have been made Ontario. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, The Act lead to greater advances in the rights and treatment options for children, youth, and adults living with mental illness.

As part of the Act states were provided grants to construct community mental health centers, facilities specially designed for the delivery of mental health prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder that is characterized by a variety of symptoms and the disorganization of feeling and thought. It is an incurable disease whose causes are unknown, yet whose effects are mind and body crippling.

Young, , p. Another reason of interest is because unlike many illnesses, schizophrenia doesn't have a noticeable pattern and its difficulty to be diagnosed as a disease makes the collection of statistics difficult. It is important to learn more about schizophrenia because a significant numbr of people are affected everyday …show more content… Szasz,, p. This statistic remains the same today. Through research and years of study, the world has a better understanding of schizophrenia, its forms, characteristics, symptoms, types, possible causes, and treatments, if any. Pierce, Schizophrenia is a psychosis. Smith, , p. Schizophrenia is described to be a psychosis because it causes the victim to lose the ability to be in touch with society and its functions.

For example, a person may begin to "see" animals that are not there, or may begin to characterize themselves as a famous person from the past such as Queen Elizabeth or King Edward. Kvarnes, Parloff, , p. Schizophrenics usually behave in a strange or abnormal manner where the mind is separated from reality and the difference between what is real and not is unknown. A schizophrenic therefore has distorted ideas about who they are and about life.

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