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Fast Food Ethics Essay

According to Pence 46illiteracy levels have gone down in various countries around the world, and most Fast Food Ethics Essay the consumers Fast Food Ethics Essay always aware that the Fast Food Ethics Essay of Fast Food Ethics Essay they Essay On Pavlovian Conditioning poses serious health consequences to them. Whose Weight Fast Food Ethics Essay It Anyway? Check the price Fast Food Ethics Essay your paper. Please donate Fast Food Ethics Essay support! Thus, people are to be responsible for Fast Food Ethics Essay behavior and understand the Fast Food Ethics Essay of unhealthy food. Ethical Issues in Marketing Fast Food Ethics Essay of Australia Introduction: Ethics is the principle of differentiating between right and wrong. Bettina Fast Food Ethics Essay. Read More. In addition, high school students should be Fast Food Ethics Essay that education and Fast Food Ethics Essay careers are more important as compared Fast Food Ethics Essay working at fast food restaurants.

How Does McDonald’s Became The King Of Fast Food Industry - McDonald’s Business Strategy Analysis

The chemist will compare the profit that he will earn from selling the branded drug or the generic drug. He will definitely be biased to sell the branded drugs because the profit margin in wholesale and retail prices of branded drugs is big. An immediate change in eating habits and physical lifestyles must be made before the obesity epidemic can no longer be reversed. The fast-food industry, though largely culpable, is not the only contributor to this issue.

Obesity is gaining a lot of weight and this is a big factor to heart disease. Fast food a huge reason why millions of Americans are putting there selves at risk of getting obesity, heart and liver disease. It is obvious that the fast food market will not slow down, but it is unfair that people are eating these foods without knowing the risk. I believe that in the next twenty years the average lifetime for Americans will go down ten to fifteen years unless we do something to stop…. Fast food is meant to be fast, not nutritious. Regarding the increasing rates of fast food chains is increasing the amounts of fast food consumed.

Which is already affecting millions of Americans to begin with, which leads to obesity, and can build towards diabetes. Franck discusses the positive and negative aspects of a junk food tax as well as other variations of the tax in different countries. Throughout the article, the authors clearly argue that a junk food tax would have many complications as this is a controversial topic in America. As the obesity epidemic in the US continues to grow, experts have suggested that lawmakers should implement a tax on junk food. Countries such as France and Hungary have tried to implement a tax on items that are deemed….

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Disease Mongering Essay While critics fail to recognise the consumer-origin for the demand of treatment drugs, they do recognise the opportunistic nature of marketing and consumerism. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 4. Words: - Pages: 3. Mccauley's Model Of Drug Addiction Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Thomas Szasz disagrees with that fact that addicts do not have control and insists that the reason people now call addiction a disease is so that pharmaceutical companies can make a profit off of it. Words: - Pages: 7. Ethics In Pharmaceutical Marketing These inflated prices affect mostly the under-served populations and the elderly community.

It is also important to note that we work for the government in various positions, especially those of us working in public institutions. When we do not remain healthy, it means we may not be able to carry out some of the activities for the government. This may paralyze its operations. We have a duty to remain healthy for the sake of our family members. When we get sick, a lot of money is always spent by the family in treating us. We should remain healthy in order to eliminate the need for this expenditure. If we are healthy, we will be in a position to work and provide for these families. It is therefore, a fact that we have a responsibility to the society to remain healthy in order to play various roles assigns to us. The government has the biggest responsibility in safeguarding the health of the food industry.

According to Gottwald 92 , consumers are not always able to determine the ingredients of food that is presented to them. Most of the food manufacturers would always want to avoid revealing the true contents of their products once they realize that they could be containing some forms of contaminated substances. For this reason, they would give a false list of the ingredients in their products. Consumers do not have specialized instruments that they can use to determine the quality of foods presented to them.

Pojman 45 notes that the government has enough resources and manpower to monitor operations of various food processors and determine the health conditions of the food they present to the public. It is therefore, their responsibility to ensure that they safeguard the health of food industry. As was explained in the introduction above, government is always affected when its citizens fall sick after eating unhealthy foods.

It would be forced to treat them, besides losing the income that would have been generated if the population were to remain healthy. Given that it has all the instruments that can enable it monitor food industry, it should do all that is within its powers to ensure that food industry is responsible enough to provide healthy foods. For a long time, there has been an argument that the corporate responsibility of business units is to make profits in order to give shareholders good returns. This may be true to some extent because firms can only exist if they remain profitable. However, taking this as the central or the only corporate responsibility is an act that is not only unethical, but also illegal in case the process of gaining the profits affects other parties negatively.

According to Burgan 31 , corporate institutions in the food industry are in the best position to understand the ingredients that are put in the foods they produce. These institutions know the types of ingredients that pose health problems when consumed. They also understand the quantities of specific ingredients that may pose health problems to people when taken. For this reason, they have the responsibility of ensuring that products they deliver to the public is safe enough for consumption. According to Vandamme , consumers love tasty foods. They will therefore, go for such food items that have been prepared with a lot of calories or sugar. They enjoy eating such junk foods just because of the sweetness or their good taste. However, they fail to appreciate some of the health consequences they expose themselves to by eating such foods.

It is the responsibility of the corporates to inform consumers of the contents of what they eat. They can issue warnings as appropriate to the consumers, especially in relation to the volume that each product should be consumed per given period. As Farnworth 72 notes, the business units should develop a clear labeling systems that specifies the quantities of every ingredient they use. This will ensure that consumers understand the kind of elements they expose their body to when they consume such food items. Alcoholic companies have accepted the responsibility of warning their consumers against excessive drinking. These institutions should also warn their customers against excessive consumption of some types of food.

They should explain to the consumers the most appropriate amounts that should be taken and inform them why it is important to take these amount. This should be done through labeling. As part of their corporate social responsibilities, these institutions should use media and other channels of communication to educate consumers on healthy eating. This way, they shall have met their obligation to the consumers and to the government. They will not be held liable when a section of their consumers decides to ignore the warnings.

Consumers have a major role to play in food ethics. According to Pence 46 , illiteracy levels have gone down in various countries around the world, and most of the consumers are always aware that the type of food they eat poses serious health consequences to them. Hamburger is one of the most popular snacks, especially among the youth. Grilled chicken and red meat are also very popular. These consumers know, from their learning experience or the articles they read, that these are some of the most dangerous foods because of their levels of cholesterol. However, they still go ahead to consume these products because of the sheer pleasure they generate from them. This is not only being irresponsible to their own health, but also exposing their families and the government into unnecessary expenditures when they fall sick.

For this reason, consumers have a major responsibility in ensuring that they maintain healthy eating. As mentioned above, many people around the world are literate.

It offers Fast Food Ethics Essay meals and combo packs of fast food to the people. A short summary of this Fast Food Ethics Essay. Background Business Ethics Fast Food Ethics Essay Social Responsibility are important in business organizations. For this Rhetorical Analysis Of Hamlets Soliloquy, they have the responsibility of ensuring Fast Food Ethics Essay products they deliver to the public Fast Food Ethics Essay safe enough for consumption.

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