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The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry

Mario and SMG4 got mad at The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry for doing The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry, as her actions caused Wario who was with Bob to sound an alarm. Shota: Individual And Social Issues In The Movie Forrest Gump and Silly - Spicy Sexual activities The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry men and younger boys, and between boys of various ages. OCLC List of magical objects found in the Harry Family Nurse Practitioner Analysis media The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry. August Robbie Rotten. Harry Potter The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry. The best example of this was in the case The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry Tom Riddle's diary. Sexual activities between men and younger boys, and between boys The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry Bronfenbrenners Ecological Theory Essay ages.

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They're able to ultimately knock down the Octoling. Desti challenges Meggy to a 1v1, where the loser has to leave Splatfest. If Meggy wins, however, her weapons will be peacefully returned. Of course, Meggy agrees to this duel. During the countdown sequence, however, she unexpectedly throws her weapon at Desti, knocking her down. Meggy's friends quickly grab the stolen weapons and bolt out of there. Meggy taunts Desti before leaving. At the start, she is seen cleaning her Splatshot when Luigi comes in with food to which Meggy accepts.

She is also seen when the gang comes in to hear Axol 's plan. When he claims that he needs ink from his hometown, Inkopolis , Meggy appears to be shocked and curious. During the backstory, when Axol said that Inklings all hated anime, Meggy gets uncomfortable and says that it's probably in their DNA. She also had no choice but to give Axol some of her ink, which caused her to be nauseous while doing so. Meggy is nowhere to be found for the Splatfest, causing her team to lose as a result. She is not found in her apartment either. At the end of the episode, Meggy is found inside a dark, empty room, chained to the wall.

An unknown figure walks in and drops a plate of food. Meggy demands that she be released, but is ignored, the unknown figure gives her food and refreshments and then leaves the room. Callie reveals that after the disappearance of Meggy, several other Inklings have gone missing. An anime character Dabi walks in and handcuffs her. She is brought outside her cell room and is horrified at the sight of many Inklings trapped inside large tubes. Meggy is dragged along until she discovers Axol , who is also chained in a prison room. Axol greets a very surprised Meggy, until their true kidnapper reveals himself, none other than Francis. Meggy criticizes him and asks how he could kidnap Axol, the same person who had lifted the anime ban.

When Axol is chocked by Mewtwo, Meggy is horrified and pleads Francis to stop. She is taken to a large room, where Francis reveals his true ambitions, including The Ink Zuccer Francis believes she is strong enough to survive the machine. Meggy is nearly dropped into The Ink Zuccer , until Desti 's arrival prevents that from occurring. Meggy is surprised to see her rival kidnapped as well.

Desti reveals that she is going to rescue Meggy, and is able to kick Francis away. She grabs Meggy and the two run away from them. After being unable to find the exit, the two quickly hide in a room. Meggy reveals she's unable to transform into squid-form due to the handcuffs she has. Both girls hide in the locker, and barely manage to go un-spotted by Pikachu. Desti is able to finally remove Meggy's handcuffs. Meggy however, questions why Desti, of all people, is helping her. Desti explains that she would not want her rival killed, but instead humiliated. Meggy then promises to someday return the favor. They decide to leave the room, and Desti tells Meggy that her friends are on the way to rescue them. They're interrupted when they hear Axol 's voice from the room above.

The girls break through and save Axol from the tormenting Goomba and Boo. Suddenly an alarm goes off, and several Anime Cartel goons charge at the group. Meggy and Desti bet on who's going to get more kills, before jumping right into battle. The two successfully defeat the minions but are knocked out by Super Saiyan Goku. Meggy is now inside the Ink Zuccer having her ink extracted by Francis. But the extraction stops when Mewtwo blows up the controls with a pipe.

Axol and Desti say that they'll get her out, but after all 3 hear the others scream, Meggy tells them both to go save them first. Soon she is broken down in dispair after seeing Desti die. After Desti's death, Mario and co mourn over her death while Meggy inside the tube, very devastated on what happened, seeing Tari shaking her head to no chance of Desti waking up, her rage builded up against Francis and declared if she was able to be freed, she would go on a rampage onto him no matter what. As the battle goes on with Francis distracted and Axol reclaiming his InkWeaver, Meggy tells Axol to use every bit of her ink, Saiko says it will kill her but then Meggy claims that if Axol doesn't do it, they will all die. With brief eye to eye, Axol had no choice to activate The Ink Zuccer , to which Meggy truly agrees with this tough decision.

After a long battle of Shaggy vs Super Sayan God and Francis slowly fading away frome existance, the Super Sayan God begins to self destruct, in which Shaggy immediately grabs Mario and co, Inklings and Desti's corspe back to safety. But then Mario freaks out about forgetting Meggy which Saggy quickly flys back, just as soon Shaggy goes back to retrieve Meggy, Anime Island explodes, with everyone in shock once again thinking Meggy did not make it, the team briefly mourn, until Shaggy appears holding Meggy, but as she is shown, Meggy's body has changed dramatically: a human, much to everyone's surprised reaction and when Mario points out how she doesn't look to good, it causes her to freak out and faint.

After everything they went through to saving all the inklings and Meggy, everyone who attend has hosted Desti's funeral to pay their respects of their fallen friend, where the now-human Meggy lays one of Desti's Weapons she used to hold on and caused her to have flashbacks, making her to be emotional over the loss. Everyone comforted her and cheered her up with Axol stating: "You have to get back up no matter what, I learned it from her, always get back up". After feeling better, Meggy then pushes Desti's coffin and everyone gave her a final salute goodbye, Meggy then vows to promise Desti to win next years Splatfest as her final wish.

She is seen cleaning the floor, having a difficult time because of her new body. She also throws the mop to Mario , by accident. He asks if he can help. She said that can mop it by herself. Meggy is also questioning how she will win the Splatfest if she can't mop the floor and complains about the new human body that she isn't used to it. She also says that it would have been easier if she was still an Inkling. She thinks of how it could have gone if she was still an inkling. However, as shown it was probably still harder for her to mop the floor, to which Mario doesn't get it. She also falls down when she tries to move. Mario tries to make her feel better and proposes to use the Splattershots filled with water to clean the room.

He shows to her how to do it. She attempts to try to clean the room like that and it seemed to be much easier. Later Meggy throws up the Splattershot, however, get hit by it on her head. Mario encourages her by aking what she is going to do after she fell down. She responds that is gong to get back up. Mario to cheer her more asked for she was fighting for. Meggy responds that she is fighting for Desti. Mario asks how she is going to do that, which her responds that is going to splatter the entire castle to train. Then she fills the Splattershot with orange juice and starts shooting around, also thanking him for helping her get motivation.

She is shown building a tree house close to Peach's Castle. Later Luigi asked her if she was okay and that he thought that she will be training for Splatfest. After he said these words Meggy remembered about the event that happens in SMG4: World War Mario and the promise that she will win the Splatfest in name of Desti , going crazy and kicking Luigi out of the tree house. Then he brings Mario which thinks she is fine and also destroying the tree house and her falls to the ground.

She also enters in the castle with her car and swerving. Later when Mario goes to her, hoping he will calm her down, but then she got him and fights he off-screen. At the second floor of the castle, she still chases Luigi. Then Meggy sees Tari's Rubber Duck , wanting it, giving everything she had. Then Mario suggests that she must have eaten a Poison Mushroom. Not short after Mario said that, Meggy throws coins to him.

Later when Luigi knows what may cause her to do this is interrupted by Mario explaining what happened yesterday. They were looking at clothing that day, until she saw the Octoling shirt remembering again of Desti. After the explanation, they say that they understand why she is upset. Mario explains to her she shouldn't bottle up her emotions. Tari says that they know that Desti died one month ago. However, Meggy responds that is nothing about it and that it was ages ago and she got over that. She also said to them to stop calling her upset and calling them jerks. Then she finally goes back to normal and begins crying because she misses Desti too. The others give her a moment after she walks to her apartment.

At Meggy's apartment she is staying and crying on the sofa. Then Tari, Mario, and Luigi come in from her door and ask her if she feels better and to talk about this situation. After Tari said that they could miss Desti together, she reminds that she promised to Desti to win the Splatfest and that her human body difficult her thinking that has no motivation to train. She was hugged by Tari, stating that she'll need time to heal and get back into the swing of things. Then Meggy responds that she will live her life to the fullest and also that she will do that by training for Splatfest, also remembering them that they will be on her team again, training harder to make Desti proud. Then she drags them into training, and Mario remembering her that the Splatfest was not anytime soon, however, she didn't care as they do so anyway.

She is first seen swimming with Fishy Boopkins , taking advantage of not being weak to water anymore, when a Minecraft block landed near him. It soon activated and Minecrafted the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Before long, she, Mario , and Luigi got Steve 's help in reverting the changes. In the Minecraft world, she helped make the gun that would revert the changes. Eventually, Mario used it with Steve as Captain Steve , causing everyone to celebrate. Later, her favorite weapon was snapped into two, which Mario helped to fix it. After a while, she was looking for something to eat when she came across a plate of frozen spaghetti, however the plate was sucked out by Mario's Spaget Succer When she arrived at Mario's house along with the SMG4 gang, she stated that the dumb Mario don't throw tantrums like that.

Eventually, she and the others made Bob smart to take down Mario. When Mario got out and became his dumb self again, they all celebrated. She and Saiko tried to help Tari to stand up to Wario. Later on, they went over to check on her to see how she dealt with Wario, just to see that Wario was already defeated by Mario and SMG4. Wanting to spare Tari from further humiliation when she saw that Wario was defeated, they all lied that it was her who did so, pleasing her.

She is first seen trying to get a new game of Super Woomy Adventures from Gamestop which was closed for the holidays. She later gets kidnapped by the mother penguin, mistaken as her child. Mario rescued her but they eventually got stranded on a lake courtesy of the baby penguin. Soon, after a wrong call, she helped in locking up the penguin. Mario and Meggy were both happy until they realized they were still stuck on the lake. She could only sigh as she ate the pizza with Mario. She is seen enjoying her time with Tari and Saiko at the festival. She then looks up in the sky, promising to win the final Splatfest for Desti.

After winning the final splatfest , Meggy has decided to move out of her old home due to Inkopolis being racist towards humans. She was sad for a moment that she'll miss her old home that she grew up in, but also became happy again how close she and her friends will be. After looking inside of her house, Mario, Luigi, Tari and Meggy began unpacking her stuff and setting places where she wanted to be, Mario checks the basement and finds a little spider then kills it, however a bigger spider emerges into him, panicing and luring it out of the basement, destroying Meggy's furniture. After a brief battle and gaining victorious killing the spider, Meggy is in shocked that all of her furniture was destroyed, Mario, Luigi and Tari then decided to find more furniture in public, stealing it in the process based on Meggy's suggestion while she cleans up her house.

Once she was satisfied, all of her friends come over to celebrate, having a look inside of her house, they were silent at first until SMG4 compliments it, along with the others joining in to like her new house except Bob due to him being homeless. They all begin to party, while Meggy and Axol discussed on what she will do now, suggesting she may become a firewoman, or policewoman, but then decides to let life take her somewhere in the future. Mario then hears the doorbell with Hal Monitor asking him that reports are heard all of the furniture in public are stolen, Mario lies and then gets set on fire, while the episode ends with everyone in a group picture.

When SMG4 sings a song comparing short to tall, he uses Meggy as an example of "short" and she along with Saiko gets so mad that she roasted SMG4 with Saiko via a flamethrower. Monitor Teaches Meggy the ways of the law, eventually making Meggy a licensed officer by the end of the story, but still have much to learn. This is the arc where Meggy appears the least, being a supporting character this time around and only having major roles in two of the nine videos in the arc. Splatoon , Meggy followed it. Melony fell on Mario's head, knocking him out while he was getting information about the Splatfests. Meggy slapped Mario repeatedly to wake him up. He did wake up, but he didn't know anything about Splatfests. Meggy was then deleted.

She was taught how to cook with the help of Tari , but it did not work out very well to the extent that Meggy injured her. Feeling disappointed, Melony gives a hint to Meggy to use the flamethrower to cook the raw chicken lying in the table and succeeded. After the challenge, Whimpu and Fishy Boopkins tried to make Meggy watch anime, causing her to have internal screaming. However, she somehow got impressed with the anime that Whimpu made her watch. A fight eventually broke out within Whimpu and Boopkins which Meggy eventually walked out from. Hiding in a squid, she uses a multishot crossbow to shoot him but fails and drops her bow in the process. Knowing Steve's obsession with chickens, she held one hostage, just to realize that the chickens weren't her ally.

She was defeated by the army of chickens afterward. This instead caused Meggy to have a human voice, which she eventually used to her advantage to sing and tell everyone to stop fighting and point out that SMG3 has been manipulating his gang the whole time. After the battle, her new voice was not reverted back to the original, and everyone, especially Saiko , liked the change. Meggy, thanks to Tari , got introduced to Candy and fell in love with it. After Peach left for vacation, the gang decided to put out a party. Tari and Meggy were about to put candy boxes on the main table when Shroomy told them that the pizza was supposed to be placed there.

This sparked a debate within those who were invited, so Mario decided to kick the candy that Meggy was holding. Fueled with rage, She brings out a chainsaw, and an all-out war begins, where her team wins. The next day, Meggy spied on Mario's team to see what they are up to, and alerts her team. Another battle begins which caused the pizza cart to crash in the main hall, creating a giant mess. Meggy unites with Mario, defeats the Princess, and fixes the rift between the two sides. Immediately after, Bowser brings in Chinese food, causing the two of them to look at him in rage. Meggy was at Rob 's place with the gang for a Halloween party, when things unexpectedly got out of hand. Models of seemingly untextured clones of themselves appeared out of nowhere. Meggy, being the girl she always was, pushed back and managed to defeat her clone, saving both Whimpu and herself.

She was at a house with Mario , Whimpu and the untextured Fishy Boopkins , hiding from their friends' clones. Mario, being so dumb, that he even attacked the untextured Boopkins, ignoring Meggy's words. Later, Mario used her as a bat for last resort, headbutting Clone Luigi's head and No-no square. She threw Whimpu out of the house and encouraged him to save the gang.

Both Meggy and Mario were defeated. However, their taste of defeat didn't last long and were saved by Whimpu and E. Meggy is back in Inkopolis teaching Mario and Bowser how to cook the city's signature meals. Like most of the meals she cooked before, the dish she made was a disaster. Heck, she didn't even cook them yet. She replaced the dish with a cup of chicken noodles, but Bowser saw it and was disappointed. Meggy got sad, but Mario was there to cheer her up by giving her a "You tried" sticker, making her happy again. Meggy was reading a newspaper when Luigi, wearing Mario's Mask of Madness, acted weirder than usual. Meggy checked him out and decided to stop him because Luigi hit Mario in his no-no square badly.

The mask was removed from Luigi, so it finds a new body to infest. The mask's next target was unclear; but when Meggy was pushed out, it was clear that Axol was the next target. Fortunately, Melony got hit by an anime mask and was able to beat Axol with a slap. Given his opportunity, he saved Meggy and the others. The Mask finds Meggy as her final victim. She eventually became retarded, so the team tried to stop her and succeeded. Everything turns to normal Meggy's plans of visiting Port Aurora comes to a halt when she had to pay for the properties that Mario destroyed.

Meggy decided to get a part-time job as a babysitter to get money, and the first child she had to take care of was JubJub. JubJub eventually started causing trouble in her home which eventually made her call on Shroomy for help. It worked out at first, but Meggy, the horrible cook she is, summoned a demon which in return called in Anti-Shroomy. Meggy, worried about what may happen to JubJub, defended him from Anti-Shroomy and was flushed through the toilet. Everything was supposed to go back to normal until Anti-Shroomy somehow broke free and defeated Meggy. Turns out, it was all a misconception because Anti-Shroomy's intent was to just teach JubJub how to use a shotgun.

JubJub fell asleep and Meggy succeeded in babysitting her first customer with Shroomy's help. Who's Meggy's next customer? Well, she probably had to prepare for hell for the next one, literally. She appears hanging up decorations in Peach's Castle along with Fishy Boopkins. She gets disgusted by the anime decorations Boopkins puts up, and they end up fighting each other. However, both realize that they've gone too far, and agree to have both of their decorations up. She appears with Saiko and Fishy Boopkins. When Fishy Boopkins says that she's been looking down lately, she replies saying that she has trouble finding something that she's passionate about.

Suddenly, Bob crashes into Meggy and Saiko. When Axol says that something is too powerful, she and Saiko put on a fighting pose. When a bee shows up, she along with Saiko laughs, and states that if they're too scared then they'll have to leave it up to them. She and Saiko stare at each other in a fighting pose before fighting the bee. She then attempts to squash the bee to kill it. When the bee is still alive, she calls for a special attack which is actually the Special Attack from Persona 5, when suddenly they Meggy, Saiko, and Fishy Boopkins suddenly fail to kill the bee they become shocked. When Fishy Boopkins asks her what they'll do now. She pulls out her phone and calls Swagmaster and Chris. She later reappears in a blocked room with the others.

She is seen holding her Splattershot while looking at Saiko with a concerned face. In the ending, she along with the others cheer for SMG4 when he gets rid of the bee. However, she screams along with everyone else when a beehive falls on SMG4's head. She appears having a co-major role in the plot, trying to help Mario win in a tournament against other YouTubers.

I would not know The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry wand is generally considered a very personal object. Occasionally it blinks its headlights and honks its horn when its motion detectors sense that guests The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry standing in front of it or walking by it. However, The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry Prejudice In The 10th Juror go The Lord Of The Flies: Diary Entry over her Splatfest training, showing her to be overcompetitive. January Shadow Queen.

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